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Bilbao, cutting-edge metropolis, San Sebastián, beautiful and refined, or Vitoria-Gasteiz, our “green capital”.

The best thing is that you don’t have to choose - you can visit all three as they’re so close together!

Our cities

1 day in Bilbao

Day 1

Fotografía Bilbao Día 1


We suggest the best place to start exploring Bilbao from is right in the very heart of the city, the Old Quarter and the Seven Streets. The city´s most iconic buildings, such as the Church of San Nicolás, the patron saint of sailors, the Church of Los Santos Juanes and the Church of San Antón, who appears on the city's coat of arms as well as Santiago Cathedral, a beautiful Gothic building dedicated to the patron of the city, are must-see attractions on a full day trip to Bilbao. Other noteworthy buildings include the Biblioteca de Bidebarrieta (library), the Palacio de John (Bilbao Stock Exchange), the Teatro Arriaga, the Mercado de la Ribera (covered market) or the Plaza Nueva, built in a neoclassical style and houses a philatelic, numismatic and collectors market every Sunday and the famous Santo Tomás Christmas Market on December the 21st.

The Basque Museum is very close to the Church of Los Santos Juanes. This is an interesting venue that exhibits various collections devoted to the archaeology of Biscay and the history and ethnography of the Basque Country.

Art lovers will also find two very interesting museums in the area, the Bilbao Museum of Artistic Reproductions and the Museum of Sacred Art. Visitors to the reproductions museum can view high-quality reproductions of works from major museums around the world and the collection in the sacred art museum houses several pieces of religious silverware, sacred vestments, sculpture, painting, alabaster and ceramics, etc.

If you enjoy shopping, you´ll find some interesting bargains in the latest trends and what local designers have on offer in the Old Town. Nonetheless, if you would like to buy some regional gourmet produce you will find them on sale in this part of the city, notably in the largest covered market in Europe, the Mercado de la Ribera.

Another great way to learn about the main tourist attractions the city has to offer, covering most ground yet at your leisure, is to take a ride on the Sightseeing Tourist Bus.


We recommend you try something original for lunch that will also help you get to know the city better: a pintxos route. Or if you prefer, choose any of the several bars and eateries Bilbao has to offer.


We suggest you visit the iconic Guggenheim Museum, work of the renowned architect Frank O. Gehry in the afternoon. It exudes a commanding presence on the banks of the river, where admiring its exterior design and collections is, in itself, a true visual experience. We recommend you check out the constantly-updated calendar of exhibitions and activities. In the grounds outside the museum, visitors will be struck by the sculpture known as Mamá, a spider which stands almost nine metres high, by Louise Borgoise and the adorable Puppy by Jeff Koons, a twelve metre high sculpture of a West Highland Terrier puppy executed in a variety of flowers.

After visiting the museum we´ll head towards the area known as the Ensanche. The main thoroughfare is the Gran Vía and its centre is the Plaza Moyua, places where you can find some of the most iconic buildings in the city such as the Chavarri Palace, the beautiful Palacio de la Diputación (Council buildings) or the curved glassy structures of the underground stations designed by architect Norman Foster, icons of the change the city has undergone and which the local Bilbao natives affectionately call Fosteritos . Other places of interest around the Ensanche include, among others, the art nouveau styles of both the Casa Montero and Estación de Santander railway station, the Doña Casilda Park or the Teatro Campos Elíseos, (Champs Elysees Theatre) one of the best examples of art nouveau in the Basque Country.

Shopping lovers will find the best shopping district around Gran Vía and Calle Ercilla, perfect for an enjoyable shopping outing.

If you are a football fan, without a doubt, the Athletic Club Museum and San Mamés Stadium, also known as The Cathedral, are certainly worth a visit.


Our suggestion for dinner is an experience in the firmament of Michelin Stars in Bilbao or enjoy the finest cuisine in any of the Basque nouveau cuisine restaurants in the city.

At dinner time, Bilbao offers a multitude of dining options sure to satisfy all culinary tastes. Pintxos bars, asadores (traditional brasseries), cider houses and signature cuisine¿