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Mendieta Etxea is a restored farmhouse located in the heart of the Valley of Ayala and by Quejana Tower-House, which is a historical-cultural point of interest. The structure consists of 4 totally-equipped apartments with living room-dining room, kitchen, bathroom, heating, TV, Internet and communal area with access to the garden. Outdoors we will find a barbecue, a vegetable garden, a garden and a terrace. Its unparalleled setting is a point of reference for green-tourism and culture lovers. Outstanding plans would be the visit to Artziniega, which is remarkable due to its Old Town's beauty, the value of the Ethnographic Museum and the charming Medieval Market. In addition, the visitors will find many trips at their disposal, such as the chance to go hiking in Salvada Mountain Range, a magical environment with one of the major and riches flora and fauna reserves in Europe. We should also highlight the Golf Course and the Old Town of Orduña. La Aduna, an ancient building sitting in Orduña, is remarkable as it is a hotel-spa nowadays.

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Mendieta Auzoa 70   - 01477  Ayala/Aiara

Phone:   +34 605 741 441 / +34 945 399 447Phone:  

+34 605 741 441 / +34 945 399 447


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