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Agrícola Labastida

Club de Producto

Located in the Jewish neighbourhood of Labastida, Agrícola Labastida was founded in 1992 and consists of four houses of which two are the oldest ones in town. Under the houses, a criss-crossing of caves dating back to 1200 forms the best shelter for the wines the winery produces.


The grapes to produce the wine that has won many national and international contests come from different areas of Labastida. Nowadays the winery produces and markets the following brands: "Tierra Blanco", "Fernández Gómez", "Tierra Crianza", "Tierra Fidel", "El Belisario" and "El Primavera".


Tours by previous appointment. Groups of 5 people minimum, 15 maximum. 9 Euro per person and includes a tasting session of six wines and a snack. Tours last nearly 2 hours and 30 min.

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C/ El Olmo, 8 - 01330 Labastida/Bastida


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