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Bodegón Alejandro

In this old eatery, traditional Basque cuisine, that inspires the present spirit of Bodegón Alejandro, was cooked. From the basement of Fermín Calbetón street, the Bodegón has borne witness to the gastronomic evolution that has taken place in Donostia over the past fifty years. 

The old photographs covering the walls distinctly hark back to a time when food was served to warm the stomach more than to surprise the palate. 

Nowadays, the Bodegón has adapted its image to modern times, yet without losing any of its old charm. It pays homage to that charm through some dishes that are inspired by traditional Basque cuisine, looking to the future without losing sight of tradition and based on knowledge and the use of seasonal produce, sourced daily at the market.

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Fermín Calbetón, 4  - 20003  Donostia / San Sebastián

Phone:   +34 943 427 158Phone:  

+34 943 427 158


70 (private dining max. 10 guests)