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Gure Ahaleginak

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  • Gure Ahaleginak

Gure Ahaleginak

This winery was founded in 1990. It sells white and red txakoli under the Bizkaiko Txakolina Designation of Origin.


Located on the Ruta de las Bodegas (The Wineries Route), Orduña's special climate means that its txakoli is complex and different from the others.


The winery is equipped with new facilities finished in stainless steel and boasts two hectares of vineyards which are protected with a special antifreeze system.

Services: Wine sale / Guided visit

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Special offers

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Barrio Ibazurra, 1  - 48460  Urduña/Orduña

Phone:   +34 945 384 126Phone:  

+34 945 384 126