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Hospedería los Parajes

The Hotel La Hospedería de los Parajes, has created two areas, two different restaurants connected by a shared concept: quality. Las Duelas Restaurant offers traditional cuisine while you are viewing a fifteenth century cellar below your feet. 

The Parajes Restaurant offers a more modern type of cuisine based on tradition. It is the ideal scenario where you may indulge you senses. Our long family tradition in catering is the basis of our surprising menus that combine modernity and tradition, that renew dishes with roots in this land and that are based on the exceptional quality of the products used. 

A place where perfectly marinated dishes can be explored accompanied by an extraordinary wine list.

Services: Credit card payments / Boardroom / Terrace

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Mayor, 46-48  - 01300  Laguardia

Phone:   +34 945 621 130Phone:  

+34 945 621 130