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Founded around 1920 by Miguel Setién, this establishment is still run by the same family. It has a dining room with space for 90 people which is only open during the “txotx” season, which means from late January to early April. At this time of year it is traditional to drink cider served straight from the “kupela” or barrel in a popular gastronomic tradition that includes trying the traditional cider house menu: cod omelette, code with peppers and T-bone steak, followed by cheese, quince jelly and walnuts for dessert. The cider house currently produces 90,000 litres of natural cider. Bottles of cider can be purchased at the establishment all year round.

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Gurutzeta Berri, "Moko" - Oztaran auzoa  - 20130  Urnieta

Phone:   +34 943 551 014Phone:  

+34 943 551 014