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Batzoki Rioja-Alavesa

Laguardia, capital of wine, invites you to immerse yourself in the place, savouring the secrets of its natural produce. While it is true that the wine of Rioja Alavesa is one of the seven wonders of the world, the food in the region is the eighth. And when you have the chance to combine these two pleasures, the experience is simply out of this world. And the Batzoki restaurant in Rioja Alavesa is one of those places where you can taste a fine wine accompanied by a delightful traditional cookery that reveals a determination to innovate but without losing the culinary essence of Álava. A large carved wood panel presides over the entrance, showing that you are entering a place where the traditional comes first. However, you will be surprised to find that while respecting the region's delicious customs, Batzoki stands out by giving a distinctive touch to its dishes. Fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared with loving care certainly play a leading role here. Many people agree that the pisto (a Mediterranean vegetable stew) is delightful, while others say the lamb chops are truly exquisite, and still others consider the dessert Goxua a fine example of the acclaimed Basque cuisine. Of course, nobody can agree on which is the restaurant's star dish as its menus are designed to cater for all palates. In short the Batzoki restaurant achieves something that few places can claim: to serve traditional dishes but with a subtly mischievous twist, a twist that does not harm the essence of the ingredients but brings it out.

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