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Bodegas El Mozo Wines

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    Bodegas El Mozo Wines

Bodegas El Mozo Wines

There is nothing like remaining true to the tradition begun by the grandparents of the founders of El Mozo Wines decades ago, but adding a relaxed, crisp modern touch to its products. Ignoring the rules of the wine world, right from the start El Mozo Wines stands out for having a name that perfectly represents its philosophy.


A name that recalls the tradition begun by the grandparents of the winery's owners with the reference to “El Mozo”, but also reveals the youthful attitude of this generation by adding “Wines”. If the name of this family of wines is striking in itself, the names of the individual wines could even refer to a book title or a legend.


With memorable labels like Malaspiedras, Herrigoia, El Cosmonauta y El Viaje en el Tiempo and El Cosmonauta en el Barranco de Agua are bottles that express the meticulous care that goes into them. Born in 9 hectares of family vineyards on 18 small plots planted up to 70 years ago by the parents and grandparents of the current owners, El Mozo Wines is a highly distinctive MicroWine, where the quality of the product and care for nature come first. Thanks to a traditional, sustainable and organic wine-growing process, the natural properties of the grapes are kept practically intact.


This means its wines offer an epic sensory experience, where everybody can savour, smell and hold nature in its purest essence: its fruits and colours, born with the passing of time and bathed in the countless tones of the four intense seasons of the Álava region. Quite apart from its original labels and imaginative names, this small winery's products are imbued with a purity and passion that makes El Mozo Wines more than just a product, turning them into the materialisation of an immense love for wine and family.


Visits: Monday to Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm & 5.00 - 7.00pm / Sundays 10.00am - 2.00pm

Services: Wine sale / Guided visit

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