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Bodegas la Marquesa-Valserrano

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  • Bodegas la Marquesa-Valserrano
    Bodegas la Marquesa-Valserrano

Bodegas la Marquesa-Valserrano

In the locality of Villabuena de Álava – Eskuernaga, a century-old family wine-growing tradition remains very much alive, encapsulated in the bottles that come out of the Marquesa–Valserrano winery. The different varieties of these wines come from hillside vineyards on the slopes of the Cantabrian range, infused with an ever-changing golden tone by the warm sun.


Their unalterable character as old vines with a low yield, together with the new family plantations, make Marquesa-Valserrano a wine that exudes history, quality and personality, but above all versatility. A versatility that allows it to adapt to changing times and new needs, to suit tastes of all kinds. To do this, the vineyards produce grapes of a range of varieties: tempranillo, mazuelo, grenache, graciano and viura. However, the essence of the wines does not come solely from the 75 hectares of family vineyards.


It is also what goes on inside the winery that sets the tone for its exclusive winemaking: in deep cellars enclosed by solid 200 year-old walls where the high-quality wine produced over a hundred years has been kept; in barrels from different countries, in which the wines age gradually to take on their characteristic vitality and elegance; and in bottle racks where the wines mature to reach a maturity that gives them a unique power and essence. A tour of the winery allows visitors to taste the passion for wine that imbues the fifth generation of the De Simón family, who have kept their winemaking tradition unchanged despite the adversities of the climate or changing markets. A clan that can only be compared to the diverse family of wines they produce harvest after harvest, and which taken together represent a veneration and respect for the land and its fruits.


Types of visit: THE ORIGINS OF VALSERRANO: A journey through the history of the winery, taking in our ancient "calados" or cellars. At the end of the tour, guided tasting of 2 wines. Length: about 30-40 min.


LA MARQUESA – VALSERRANO WINERY TOUR: A full tour of the winery, from its origins to the present day, discussing the different systems used to make and age its wines. At the end, guided tasting of 3 wines with a small snack. Length: about 60 min.


VALSERRANO PREMIUM TOUR AND TASTING: A tour beginning with the ancient "calados" or cellars and going on to visit the rest of the winery to discover its history and the modern processes used to make and age the wine. During the visit, glass in hand, you'll taste 3 wines being made and/or aged and at the end of the tour, 3 finished wines accompanied by a typical product of La Rioja. Length: about 120 min.


PREMIUM VINEYARD TOUR: We'll visit some of our most characteristic vineyards, explaining the growth cycle of the vines and the features of the estate. During your visit to the vineyard you'll taste 1 wine and finish off by visiting our ancient "calados" or cellars and trying 3 wines in our Wine Bar. Length: about 120 min. Days of tours: Monday to Friday, from May to October only. Groups of 2-4 people. - Languages: Spanish, English and French. - Days of tours: depending on availability, check times (Monday to Friday morning and afternoons, and Saturday mornings).


VALSERRANO WINEBAR: In the Winebar & Shop you can taste any of our wines by the glass, whether or not you go on any of the tours. You can also purchase any of our wines, as well as other products related to the wine world. Opening times are: Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm and 3 - 5pm; Friday and Saturday 10am - 1.30pm To find out more about visits, activities or tastings, please contact the winery: or +34 945 609 085.

Services: Wine tasting / Wine sale / Guided visit

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