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    Restaurante Mendiola


The Mendiola restaurant will surprise you. Located in Ermua, this establishment serves traditional Basque dishes, but with a special modern twist. Quality ingredients treated with loving care and dedication to create dishes that are both attractive and modern. Mendiola also offers set meals to meet the preferences and needs of all diners: its special weekend menus are a sure-fire success. Some of its star dishes include fish soup, hake in green sauce, cod in pil-pil (oil, chilli and garlic) sauce or hake filled with spider crab. Clients who are not so hungry won't be able to resist the temptation to try the pintxos prepared for the traditional “pintxopote” Thursdays, where delicious food is combined with a drink.

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Special offers

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Erdikokale Kalea, 19  - 48260  Ermua

Phone:   +34 846 080 086Phone:  

+34 846 080 086