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Torre Zumeltzegi

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  • Restaurante Torre Zumeltzegi
    Restaurante Torre Zumeltzegi

Torre Zumeltzegi

Enjoying a high-quality meal while you take in unsurpassed views of the Basque countryside is a possibility at this restaurant housed in the historic Zumeltzegi tower. 


The recently-restored building, situated in Oñati, offers traditional cookery, available in a wide variety of menus to suit all tastes.


An ideal place to try typical local produce, many of it prepared right here in the tower. Both fish and meat dishes are worth tasting while you take in the beauty of the valley around Oñati.


For a complete experience, Torre Zumeltzegi also has 12 rooms.

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Special offers

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C/Torre Zumeltzegi, 11  - 20560  Oñati

Phone:   +34 943 540 000Phone:  

+34 943 540 000