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  • Restaurante Maisu
    Restaurante Maisu


The Restaurante Maisu has a long history in the seafaring locality of Santurtzi, and its owners are well aware that the client comes first. This means that diners can be sure that the service will be faultless, as will the food they are served. A cuisine that pays tribute to tradition and local, seasonal, fresh produce. The restaurant's specialities therefore include rabas (squid strips), a must on Sundays, and roast lamb. However, despite being a classic, traditional establishment, Maisu has been able to adapt to modern times and its clients' needs by offering a range of options for different occasions. The restaurant is without a doubt the ideal place for everything from romantic dinners to family occasions and celebrations with friends.

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Mamariga, 137  - 48980  Santurtzi

Phone:   +34 944 837 880Phone:  

+34 944 837 880