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Topa Sukaldería

Topa Sukaldería mixes the best of Basque and Latin American gastronomy, where Andoni Aduriz from Mugaritz makes all lovers of this fusión enjoy themselves at affordable prices. 

The place, set with a colorful mural by Judas Arrieta at its entrance, makes you escape from everything, just by setting foot in Topa Sukaldería. 

It has an extensive and surprising menu that answers the following questions: What would a Basque immigrant cook in Latin American?, How would he make his new home’s recipes his own?


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Special offers

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Centroamericana, Latina, Mexicana


Calle Aguirre Miramón, 7  - 20003  Donostia / San Sebastián

Phone:   +34 943 569 143Phone:  

+34 943 569 143