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Bordering on Bizkaia, the municipality of Ayala/Aiara belongs to the Cuadrilla de Ayala and lies to the north of the historical territory of Alava. Comprised of 24 centres of population, Ayala/Aiara is the largest town in the region, but it has a population of just over 2,000 people. Respaldiza/Arespaldiza is the town's administrative centre.


The Salvada Range (also known as Garobel) and its Tologorri, Ungino and Aro Peaks dominate the landscape. At the foot of Salvada, there is a labyrinth of hills and valleys where meadows, villages and farmhouses prevail. The pine forests on the mountains alternate with oak, beech and fir groves. Therefore, it is an ideal place for nature lovers.


Tower-houses and fortified palaces

As for the town's heritage, the numerous towerhouses in the area (Zuaza, Murga...) are worth a visit, as well as the impressive Quejana-Kexaa Official Complex of Monuments that belonged to the Ayalas, a noble family closely related to the region's history. The medieval unit consists of a fortified palace, a convent and the Virgen del Cabello Tower-Chapel, which accommodates the alabaster tombs of Chancellor Pedro Lopez de Ayala and wife Leonor de Guzman.


The patron saint festival takes place at the end of April honouring San Prudencio. It would be the perfect end to our visit, because we could enjoy the festive atmosphere reigning those days.

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