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Green is the predominant colour in the surroundings of this small municipality in Gipuzkoa province. Aduna is surrounded by picturesque hills and meadows criss-crossed by footpaths.


For example, you can climb to the top of Belkoain (488 m) and see the marks left by the earliest inhabitants of the area, like the dolmen to be found at the peak. From the top you can also see some stunning views of the neighbouring municipalities. Aduna has several fascinating buildings such as Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church, which is situated in the town square.


The sanctuary consists of very interesting elements that deserve to be contemplated, such as the altars and the portico. On the other hand, we can also visit the Town Hall and the ancestral Torrea Tower-house, a medieval construction of great significance. In the middle of the town square, there is an open-air pelota court, appropriate to practise any kind of sport.


Cider tradition

ourists willing to visit Aduna will be surprised by the cider bars in the nearby. The town has a great cider manufacturing tradition and therefore, many people come around here to enjoy the best harvest. Those interested can enjoy a delicious cider menu consisting of codfish omelette, fried codfish with green peppers, grilled T-bone steak and cheese with quince and nuts.

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