Romanesque bridge in Armiñon


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This rural town is formed by three centres of population: Armiñon, Estavillo and Lacorzana and belongs to the Cuadrilla de Añana, a region that lies to the southwest of the historical territory of Alava.


The quiet and peaceful village of Armiñón is located on the banks of the River Zadorra, which are an appealing spot for a restful break and family holidays. Besides, the village consists of many buildings and monuments worth visiting. We can kick off our trip with the Romanesque bridge, followed by the parish church of San Andres and the Montoya-Urbina Palace, all of them are quite interesting constructions.


Close to Armiñon we find Estavillo, where we should stand out the church of San Martin and its Gothic façade. In Lacorzana, Hurtado de Mendoza Tower-house, which is a rectangular-plan tower crenelated on the top, attracts much attention.


After visiting these typical sites, we can relax and go for a walk in the surroundings and enjoy the typical landscape of the historical territory of Alava.


If we choose September for our visit, we will have a great time at the "romeria" of San Formerio (a local country fiesta connected to sanctuaries and hermitages). It is held in the hermitage of the same name and becomes a meeting point for many neighbours.

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