Pagoeta Natural Park


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The Pagoeta Natural Park is the best example of the spectacular natural environment.

The reserve is situated in Pagoeta Mountain (714 m), and it is a peerless place to enjoy nature, where we can go hiking in their green woods and meadows. Besides, there are places specially adapted to have a rest, as well as children's playgrounds.

Aia is formed by several neighbourhoods with great cultural and historical heritage. In the town centre we will find the Town Hall and San Esteban's Church, which dates back to 1350. In the Andatza neighbourhood we will see the hermitage of San Pedro, whose altarpiece was made by Andrés de Araoz. Aia's main festival is held at the beginning of August and honours San Donato and San Lorenzo.

Besides, San Martin's festival is also well known for its idi probak (rural sport of the Basque Country where pairs of oxen drag stones). The sport event attracts a large audience that comes from the nearby towns.

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Surface area
56.00 Km
No. of inhabitants