Aizarnazabal, surrounded by mountains


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Visit the locality of Aizarnazabal, an attractive spot located in the comarca (county) of Urola-Kosta, in Gipuzkoa province.


If you look around, you will be struck by a tree with a distinctive silhouette, better known as the Encina de Azpiazu (Azpiazu holm oak). Its leaves are a characteristic dark shade of green and its crown is dense and rounded, two features that make the tree stand out strongly in the landscape. Besides, this cosy town has a large cultural heritage and still preserves remarkable bridges such as the Old Bridge, which is the only one in Gipuzkoa that has six arches.


This bridge has also a great historical value, since long ago it was in the way between Zestoa and some farmhouses of Aizarnazabal. Aizarnazal is worth a visit any time of the year and in September even more, since the town celebrates its main festival at the end of the month, honouring San Miguel. Those days cider and cheese contests are held, as well as other many events for those who are willing to have a great time.

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Surface area
6.50 Km
No. of inhabitants