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Located in the historical territory of Alava, Arraia-Maeztu belongs to the Cuadrilla de la Montaña Alavesa. It is, together with Bernedo, one of the largest towns in the region, since it is formed by 16 towns, among them Maestu/Maeztu offers most of the services.


Arraia-Maeztu boasts a significant historical-cultural heritage as well. The village is home to many houses with coat of arms from different families. Among these buildings, the exceptional Baroque Samaniego Country Palace from the 17th century, and the parish church dedicated to the Invencion de la Santa Cruz attract special attention. The church belfry has an unusual clock with a mechanical figure (Papamoscas), which waves one hand when the clock strikes.


Izki Natural Park, variety of landscapes

The Izki Natural Park is the main symbol of Arraia-Maeztu. This beautiful spot offers a wide variety of landscapes and accommodates one of Europe's largest Pyrenean oak woods. The little rivers of Izki, Molino and Berrón flow through the area, embellishing it even more. Besides, we should underline the park's diverse fauna. 15 different routes offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy and admire the scenery at its most glorious.


Finally, we must highlight the various festivals held in the village. The festival honouring San Adrián, for instance, takes place in the middle of June, being a great opportunity to become acquainted with the festive atmosphere of Arraia-Maeztu.

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