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The municipality of Alegia, in Gipuzkoa province, is surrounded by steep hillsides covered in woods and fields. It boasts two rivers flowing through it, the Oria and the Amezketa.


As soon as we get to Alegia, we will stop in the Old Town. The area has a half-moon shape coinciding with the course of the River Oria. Further on we will find the parish church San Juan Bautista. At the town's square we can see the Town Hall, dating back to the 18th c., whose facade keeps an arcade.


After this cultural route, we have the opportunity to enjoy the nature that decorates the surroundings.


Zahagiardo, deeply-rooted tradition

Furthermore, there is a deeply-rooted tradition in connection with gastronomy: Zahagiardo. This is a type of snack-dinner, in which the neighbours of Alegia come together at the square, bringing their food. This celebration takes place during important dates like Carnival or San Juan. The Town Council provides tables and wine.


Whoever is willing to visit Alegia in July will have a great time at the town's patron saint festival of Nuestra Señora del Carmen that is held in the middle of the month. Many events are scheduled, where music and celebration are the main protagonists.

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