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Asparrena lies in the historical territory of Alava and belongs to the Cuadrilla de Salvatierra. This beautiful spot is comprised of 10 villages, being Araia the town's administrative centre.


The main area of Asparrena is home to many monuments which are worth visiting: The baroque-style Town Hall with the coat of arms of Asparrena brotherhood. The church of San Pedro, which dates back to the 15th century with a neoclassic altarpiece inside, and the remains of the Murutegui/Marutegui Castle, from the 8th century.


Source of the River Zirauntza and La Leze Cave

What is more, the natural environment offers visitors different routes. One of them leads to the source of the River Zirauntza, a magnificent place that attracts a lot of attention.


The cave-gully of Leze is also one of the hidden treasures in the landscape. It is a high and narrow cave in the Altzania Range, on the eastern side of Mount Azkorri. Nearby we will find the Egino Climbing School, ideal for adventure lovers.


Otherwise, the festival of San Pedro at the end of June stands out within the festival calendar, as well as Araia's International Festival of Comic Theatre that is held during the second fortnight of August.

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