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The municipality of Arrankudiaga, mainly rural, is located in the Uribe-Nervión region (Bizkaia). Moreover, it consists of several neighbourhoods and its land is uneven, where Ganekogorta, Untzetapiku, Goikogane and Kamaraka ountains prevail. The tops surrounding Arrankudiaga offer magnificent views of the municipality. Likewise, the River Nervión flows through the municipality making beautiful forms in its way.


Arrankuadiaga and its surroundings

We will set out in the beautiful church of Nuestra Señora de Andra Mari, located in Elexondo, from there we will head for Iberlandako Bridge, which offers a magnificent views of the municipality. Entering Zollo neighbourhood, the visitor will be shocked by the breathtaking views of Arrankudiaga and its surroundings.


Likewise, we will arrive in the hermitage of San Martín, located in the urban centre. Arrankudiaga's patron saint festival takes place in the middle of August, consecrated to Andra Mari.

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