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Surrounded by beautiful green hills is the municipality of Andoain, part of the historic province of Gipuzkoa, through which the waters of the river Oria pass.

Andoain lies in Leizaran Valley. The town is characterised by its large natural surroundings, as well as its significant cultural offer. Belkoain, Buruntza and Adarra Mountains encompass the town creating a gorgeous spot.

Long ago, the valley was home to the Plazaola Train that travelled between Navarre and Gipuzkoa. The area has also many parks, such as Etxarri and Otita. There, we can have a rest and take a refreshing swim in the river.

Discovering the urban area

After a walk in nature, we should move to the town centre to visit the most interesting spots. The Town Hall and the church of San Martín de Tours are located in the town square. Both beautiful buildings have been witnesses to the passing of time in Andoain. In the middle of the square we will also find the statue of Aita Manuel Larramendi, who was a distinguished figure of the town. Finally, it is important to pay a visit to the Bastero Cultural Centre, also in the town centre. The centre organises many cultural activities, such as concerts and plays. It also boasts a cinema where the latest films are screened.

Thanks to the aforementioned characteristics, Andoain is a destination with a rich and varied tourist offer.

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27.40 Km
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