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Bernedo lies in the Cuadrilla de Montaña Alavesa between the Vitoria Mountains and the Toloño Range. The municipality is comprised of 13 centres of population, being the village of Bernedo the most remarkable one as it is the town's administrative centre.


The surrounding landscape is ideal for hiking and climbing. It is, thus, an appealing tourist destination for nature and sport lovers. Belabia, Kapildui and Pagogan are some of the mountains surrounding Bernedo and its area. Moreover, we should mention that part of the town belongs to the Izki Natural Park, blessing the village with a special charm.


Historical and Cultural Heritage

Apart from those natural places, Bernedo has a wide historical and cultural heritage. The hermitage of San Roman in San Roman de Campezo is one of the most remarkable buildings, since it offers great views of the Ega Valley and the Toloño Range. It is also worth visiting the remains of a traditional apiary in Arluzea, where honey used to be produced. On the other hand, the village of Bernedo preserves the remains of the town wall, such as the west gate or a castle in ruins located at the foot of the Toloño Range.


At the beginning of September, Bernedo holds a "romeria" (local country fiesta usually connected to sanctuaries and hermitages) in the surroundings of Ocon's sanctuary of Santa Maria. Those who come around will be able to enjoy nature and have a great time in an unbeatable atmosphere. 

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