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Arrieta belongs to the Uribe-Butroe region and is located in Sollube Mountain, at a sea level altitude of 244m. Its landscape is wonderful, with big green meadows, mountain areas and big slopes going from the upper basin of the River Oka-Butroe to Sollube Mountain.


Libao is the main neighbourhood, with the typical rural old quarter. The elegant Neoclassic church of San Martín, and the famous Cruciferio or Humilladero del Santo Cristo are worth visiting. Following our trip we will arrive in the church of Andra Mari, in Jaino, rebuilt in the 18th century. Likewise, we can visit the municipality's hermitages: San Cristobal, San Luis, etc.


Arrieta and its surroundings


From any point in the municipality we can enjoy beautiful views of Bizkaia but, above all, of Mungialdea and Busturialdea. Likewise, we will see Oiz, Anboto, Gorbea, Udalatx and Ganekogorta mountains.


Due to the abundance of the neighbourhoods and hermitages in Arrieta, there are many celebrations all through the year but no doubt the main festival takes place on November 11th, coinciding with pig's killing; that is why Arrieta's black puddings are famous all over the world.

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