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Artea is located in the heart of Arratia Valley in the historical territory of Bizkaia. It is situated in a privileged setting in the foothills of Gorbeia Natural Park, close to the towns of Arantzazu, Areatza, Dima, Zeanuri, Zeberio and Orozko.


Since 1997, this little town accommodates the first Ecomuseum of the Basque Buildings, devoted to preserve and display the customs of the rural Basque Country. Likewise, we can visit the Basque Nationalism Museum at the Meñaka Palace, which offers an appealing journey through the Basque history of the last century.


Architectural remains

Once visited the museums, we could stop off in the beautiful church of San Miguel and the hermitage of San Martín. We should also visit the oldest architectural remains, such as the Torrea, Ugarte and Galindo Towers.


Arratia and Laureta Rivers, which have their source in the foothill of Gorbeia, flow through the municipality, creating thus beautiful natural spots that we can discover in different trekking routes around the area.


Arteaýs main festival honouring Andra Mari takes place on September 8th. Those days we can drop by Merkartea, the agricultural and craft fair that attracts numerous visitors every year.

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