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Elburgo-Burgelu is a magnificent spot that lies in the historical territory of Alava in the Cuadrilla de Salvatierra region. The lovely town is comprised of six villages that accommodate numerous buildings and places of great historical significance.


We can start our journey visiting the 13th-century church of Nuestra Señora de la Natividad in Añua. Its medieval features and Romanesque style, and specially the 16th-century grisaille paintings that adorn the arched ceilings catch the visitors attention. The Larrea Palace is also worth mentioning. Located in Argómaniz, the facade of this treasure from the Renaissance is decorated with the Larrea family's coat of arms.


Nowadays, the magnificent construction is home to a state-run hotel and provides the most spectacular views of the Llanada Alavesa (Alava's Plain). Likewise, the hermitage of San Juan de Arrarain with its interesting sculptured capitals is also outstanding. It is one of Alava's oldest Romanesque hermitages and is located on the Road to Santiago coming from the tunnel of San Adrian.


Once in Elburgo/Burgelu, we observe one of the most significant monuments of Alava's Romanesque Art on a hill: it is the Monastery of Estibaliz, a must-visit spot.

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