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  • San Miguel church


Located in the Encartaciones, on a plain, bordering on cantabria, between Tejada and Saldoja hills. The following mountains surround it: Garbua, Saldoja, Alén, Pico de Miguel, Fuente la Cárcel and Sierra de Santelices.


This little town presents historical characteristics. In order to know them, we can begin our trip in the San Miguel Square. In the past the square was the meeting point for the treatment of the region's concerns and we will find a young oak replanted after the original oak's disappearance, meeting point of those assemblies. Nowadays it is known as the "Oak of the Town Council". Just beside, we find the church of San Miguel, of Renaissance style and dating back to the 16th century.


Artzentales and its surroundings


After the historical trip, it's time to enjoy the nice landscape surrounding Artzentales. We can go for a walk through the foot of Alén Mountain (803 m), with big meadows, oak and beech trees. Among the interesting points of this town we find the mines, located in that very mountain and in the area of Peñalba-Rao, aka Mina Federico, where a century ago they used to extract iron and copper. In fact, near the aforementioned mine there was a mining town.


Artzentales has also three recreational areas (La Toba, Santa Cruz and San Antolín) that provides tables, barbecues and drinking fountains. San Antolín is interesting because of a bullring added to an hermitage's main facade.

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