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Mondragón, a municipality set in a mountainous landscape through which the river Deba runs, is internationally known for being a cradle of the cooperative movement.

This has been the principal driving force behind the town's economy, making it a world landmark of this social, economic and organisational model in the form of Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa (MCC), the biggest business group in the Basque Country.

Medieval Old Town

Arrasate/Mondragón is an attractive spot for tourists. We can have a walk through the Old Town, which is surrounded by a wall. The church of San Juan Bautista (Gothic style), the convent of San Francisco (current culture centre) and Okendo and Artazubiaga Palaces are some of the captivating buildings we can find there. Monterrón and Santa Bárbara Parks are worth a visit.

Monterrón has a palace that was built in the 17th century and also ancient trees that are classified among the peculiar trees of the Basque Autonomous Region, such as giant sequoias. As to Santa Bárbara, it towers over the old quarter offering magnificent panoramic views of the town.

Whoever visits Arrasate/Mondragón in June, after enjoying its cultural heritage, could have a great time at San Juan's patron saint festival. Besides, the festivity of Maritxu Kajoi is a very special day on the first Friday of October and attracts many dressed-up people to town. And on October 22nd, Santo Tomás farming and livestock fair (Santamasak) also attracts people of the neighbouring towns.

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