Harana/Valle de Arana

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Located in Cuadrilla de la Montaña Alavesa, in the eastern of the region and bordering on Navarre, the Valley of Arana consists of four towns: Contrasta, Ullibarri Arana, Alda and San Vicente de Arana.


The natural landscape surrounding the municipality is outstanding. Rich vegetation and a wide variety of animal species mingle in the area. This beautiful spot offers, besides, the possibility of different trips, both short hiking routes and hill climbing.


Medieval character

After this trip we will enter the town's streets and visit some artistic and cultural spots. The parish church of San Pedro stands out thanks to its Gothic vaults or its portico designed by Juan de Garay. On the other hand, carrying on with the route around the beautiful valley, we will get to Contrasta, where the medieval character kept in some buildings is worth mentioning too.


And, moreover, the Valley of Arana celebrates many popular festivals. In May we will have the chance to enjoy a festival in San Cicente: a beech tree is planted on a corner of the village.

Information of interest

Surface area
39.10 Km
No. of inhabitants