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  • Lagrán
  • Main square
  • Pelota court
  • Lagrán Church
  • Lagran City Hall


Located in the historical territory of Araba, Lagrán belongs to the Cuadrilla de Campezo-Montaña Alavesa and is placed in the foothills of Toloño Mountain Range. Pipaon, Lagrán and Villaverde form this beautiful spot.


The historical and cultural heritage is really wide, with many interesting buildings. In Villaverde we should highlight the church of San Andrés, with a facade that dates back to the 16th century and a Plateresque-style altarpiece. Our next stop is Lagrán, where we will enjoy the typical Middle Ages compounds. Finally, we will visit Pipaon and its church of the Exaltación de la Santa Cruz, with a Rococo-style altarpiece.


Outstanding natural surroundings


Following the beautiful trip we will enjoy the outstanding natural surroundings. Cervera Mountain is ideal for quiet and relaxing walks. Besides, there are higher mountains such as Eskamelo.


The area hosts many festivals all through the year. Pipaon organises the ethnographic day on August's last Saturday. Old professions are recalled all through the day, allowing the visitor a deeper knowledge of the old times.

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