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Berango lies in an unbeatable setting, with good connections with Bilbao and the nearby coastal towns. Its landscape is largely open, with just a few hills like Munarrikolanda, Saiherri and Agirremendi, while the river Gobela runs through much of the municipality.


Wide cultural heritage

Berango owns a wide cultural heritage worth visiting. We will set off our visit in the beautiful church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán and the Baroque hermitage of Santa Ana. Likewise, we will head for the megalithic site of Munarrikolanda, which comprises five burial mounds, of sandstone and soil, and a dolmen. Berango's tower houses give evidence of the Middle Ages and Otxandategi tower house stands out because of its age and good condition. Finally, we will visit Soparda Palace, Berango's mills and country houses, built in Bizkaia's traditional way as, for instance, Arrizubiaga.


Berango also has plenty of experience of organising cultural and festive events. These include the town's well-known passion play, the only night-time performance in Bizkaia, and the “Bacalada de Berango” a traditional cookery competition based on cod in pil-pil sauce that attracts many local groups to cook and enjoy the festive atmosphere together. The festivities in honour of the patron saint, Santa Ana, are held around 26th July, and those in honour of Santo Domingo de Guzmán on 4th August.

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