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Deba is located in the most western part of Gipuzkoa's coast. It belongs to Debabarrena region, very close to Bizkaia's border.

Surrounded by small heights, it welcomes annually many tourists attracted by the beauty of its landscape and the warm attitude of its inhabitants.

We will discover one of the most spectacular stretches of the Basque coast due to the sea erosion. Next to steep cliffs we will notice a plain surface, very peculiar from a geological point of view, that reveals itself when low tide and shelters many migratory birds. Located in the centre of the Basque coast, Deba offers the visitor the stillness of Mendata, Aitzuri and Sakoneta coves and beautiful beaches: Santiago and Lapari. We find different promenades next to them: paseo de Sorozabal, Paseo de Cárdenas and Paseo de Arrantzales that lead us, along the river, to the nautical port.

Ekain, great site of cave art

Moreover, the interior of Deba shows its most hidden spots: valleys of intense green colour with country houses ideal for trips on foot, by bike and horse. Besides, more than fifty caves and prehistoric sites stretch down the area. In some of those caves, in Ekain, to be precise, cave paintings and generous material very necessary to study in depth Basque prehistory have been found. Likewise, Deba has an important architectural heritage.

In the heart of the historical part of the town we will find the church of Santa María de Deba, considered a national monument and a jewel of Basque Gothic architecture. The village's main festival is consecrated to its patron Saint, San Roque. The festival takes place on August 14th-20th and the visitor will enjoy different activities such as the tamborrada or drum parade, bull-runnings and night-concerts.

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