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Belauntza is located in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa, in the Tolosaldea region to be precise. It is situated on the slope of Iturregui with a spectacular view of Mount Ernio, and Uzturre and Otsabio Mountains among others.


As we walk into the town centre, we run into the church of San Juan. The construction has a tower that is open on its base giving way to the Leaburu road, which is the town's most representative element. What is more, it should be noticed that the Town Hall is a building with ashlar-stone arcades.


Beautiful rural landscape

Belauntza offers several places to have a rest and enjoy nature. We can climb up Iturregui Hill, for example, and there, go for a walk to Leaburu and enjoy the beautiful landscape.


The town's festival honouring San Juan is celebrated at the end of June. Besides, a youth festival is held in the first fortnight of July. Belauntza is also a destination where we can have a lot of fun.

Information of interest

Surface area
3.40 Km
No. of inhabitants