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Derio is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, 10 km from the city of Bilbao and is the biggest village in the Txorierri Valley. The River Asua and the Stream Untza flow through the village. Its landscape is formed by mountains of scarce altitude. Derio has a modern city centre, typical of recent settlements. Likewise, the village hosts different buildings that form its cultural heritage. Among them, we should mention the church of San Cristóbal, dating back to the 10th century and improvements were made in 1745. Inside, there is a Gothic image of the Virgin. To appreciate the recent-structure construction (1958), we will reach the church of San Isidro, with a basilica-style plan. It should also be visited the building comprising the hermitage of San Esteban, which attracts attention to due to its cube-shaped building and four-saddle roof. Seminary of Derio The former seminary of Derio is one of the most popular buildings in the area. This building of huge proportion was built in 1930 as a psychiatric hospital but was finally converted into a seminary after the Civil War. However, it stop operating years ago and at this moment in time it is home to many services, offices, businesses, a hotel, and so on. What is more, Derio celebrates different festivities all through the year but its patron Saint festival takes place in late September, consecrated to San Miguel. Both heifer and bulls play a key role in the festival. However, the main festivities of Derio are celebrated in mid-May in honor of San Isidro. Furthermore, during these dates takes place an important agricultural and handcraft fair, where visitors can buy products and taste txakolí.

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