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Located in the historical territory of Alava, Legutio belongs to the Cuadrilla (valley) de Zuia.

The landscape surrounding the village is full of green meadows, where we can find different animal species and man-made reservoirs and rivers.

When arriving in the village, we'll find an old door with double pointed arch, dating from the Middle Ages, which will immerse us, for a few moments, in the past. That element allows a glimpse of the medieval villages' structure. Likewise, we can admire great country houses in the streets of Legutio.

Beautiful nature landscapes

Leaving the village, we'll climb the Albertia Mountain. Its top features a viewpoint that shows a nice landscape comprising the Urrúnaga, Albina and Zadorra Reservoirs. A peerless place to enjoy the nature. The aforementioned reservoirs attract a great number of tourists because they enable the practise of sports like rowing and, at the same time, relaxing and resting.

Golf is very important in the area due to the presence of Larrabea Golf Club.

Information of interest

Surface area
46.00 Km
No. of inhabitants