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In the comarca (county) of Duranguesado, bordering on Gipuzkoa and Alava provinces, lies Elorrio. A municipality with countless magical spots to visit and a historical heritage of enormous value. It is set in a green valley with the river Zumelegi running down its centre.


Official Complex of Monuments


Elorrio stands out because of its unique medieval and modern heritage; in 1964 Elorrio was declared Medieval Heritage. It is very pleasant to walk on the streets full of palaces and ancestral houses made of stone and carved masonry from the 17th and 18th century.


The Town Hall is in the core of the old part of the town, in the Gernikako Arbola Square, as well as the elegant basilica of La Purísima Concepción. Very close, next to the Arezpakotxaga Palace, we observe the Don Telmo entrance, one of the six entrances of the ancient wall surrounding the village. The Baroque palace of Marqués de Tola, the Santa Ana Monastery and the church of San Agustín are also worth visiting.


Necrópolis de Argiñeta


Elorrio is located in a green valley protected by the following mountains: Oiz, Intxorta, and the limestone summits Anboto and Udalaitz. The landscape surrounding Elorrio offers magnificent spots. We should mention Argiñeta Necropolis, a series of sandstone graves and funerary stelas from the 9th century. Located in front of the hermitage of San Adrián, it is one of the most important funeral monuments in the Basque Autonomous Region, as it has 23 graves. In addition to this, near the hermitage of Santa Catalina we will find the Berriozabaleta Fountain, replica of one of Inca origin.


Elorrio's main festival, Ferixa Nausikoak, takes place in early September. Moreover, the popular Errebonbilloak runs on October's first Sunday.

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