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Under the shelter of Mount Ernio (1.075 m), Errezil is located in the Urola-Medio region in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa.


A group of beautiful stone-made houses will attract our attention in the town square called Gernika. Houses such as "Borontegi," "Etxeberri" and "Etxeaundi" are some of these buildings.


Routes in the surroundings of Errezil


The area offers many routes to go hiking, where we will find many charming hermitages and farmhouses.


If we make our way towards the cemetery, we will bump into Santo Cristo's Chapel, which is connected with the hermitage of San Antonio through stone crosses. If we go on our way, we will get to the hermitage of San Miguel, a gorgeous rural building that has a Renaissance altarpiece.


Apart from these treasures, Errezil offers a wide range of cultural and festive events. The town's patron saint festival, the San Martín's festival, is held on November 11th and the San Antonio's festival on June.

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