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Ribera Alta

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Consisting of 25 population centres, Ribera Alta is located in the historical territory of Alava and belongs to Cuadrilla de Añana. 21km from Vitoria-Gasteiz, the municipality is situated in a privileged environment, as the scarce industrialisation in the area favoured the essence of the rural Alava kept by the small towns. The River Bayas runs from the North to the South, as it flows, collecting the water from other small streams.


The natural environment of Ribera Alta-Erriberagoitia offers visitors the possibility of making several trips. In the North, the ranges of Arcamo and Badaya are beautiful landscapes. In the centre, we will make out the peaks of Cantoblanco and Escaños, among others, in clear contrast with the lands of the South, presenting a leveller relief.


Spots of interest

Pobes, the area's capital, is the municipality's centre. The church of the Asunción is worth visiting. It has a beautiful Romanesque facade. In addition to this, the village of Pobes hosts the Bean Fair on October's second Sunday; thousands of visitors come to the event to find the best local produce. In the North of Pobes, in the surroundings of Subijana-Morillas, we will find the Gobaederra cave, where archaeological remains have been discovered.


In the Northwest of the municipality, in Barrón to be precise, there is a three-storey tower built between the 14th and the 15th centuries. In the South, in Leciñana de la Oca, fortified houses attached to the medieval wall surrounding the town are worth visiting.

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