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Located in a mountainous area, Etxebarria belongs to the historical territory of Bizkaia in the eastern area. To be more specific, to the Lea-Artibai region. In terms of history, the area has been an important pass to Gipuzkoa's lands across San Miguel. Witness of it are the interesting buildings and monuments found both in the old part and the surroundings. This way, the visitor can enjoy an interesting trip through its streets, full of magnificent monuments and buildings. Firstly, we can visit the church of San Andrés Apostol, founded in the 14th century and with an outstanding Baroque altarpiece.


Afterwards, we will observe the Patrokua Palace and its beautiful coat of arms belonging to the Barroeta family. Likewise, we'd like to mention the palace, windmill and foundry of Ansotegi (17th-18th century). The Ibarguen granary is also outstanding. A curious wooden granary built on stone pillars dating from the 16th century. Besides, it's been kept naturally and constitutes an ethnographic treasure.


Trip around Etxebarria

After the cultural trip Etxebarria's landscape enables us to enjoy its many routes. Mountain lovers can climb Kalamua (768 m) Mountain, whose top offers marvellous views of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. In addition to this, from the Munibe Palace, a 2 km-long way leaves following the course of the River Urko, crossing ancient windmills, foundries and tower-houses.

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