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Donemiliaga-San Millán

San Millán is located in the Northeast of the historical territory of Alava and belongs to the Cuadrilla de Salvatierra. Moreover, San Millán is a basically rural municipality and, at the same time, is formed by 15 little villages of which Ordoñana is the main centre of population. We will begin our trip in the Barria neighbourhood, belonging to Narvaja, where it is located the monastery of San Bernardo de Barria.


It dates back to the 12th century although the current building was restored in the 15th century. Nowadays it operates as a hostel and hosts summer camps for young people.


Eguilaz dolmen, prehistoric treasure

We will follow the heritage trip visiting the dolmen discovered in 1832 near Eguilaz. The spot was excavated in 1965 and, thus, allowing the vision of the mound's southern part. The Eguilaz or Aizkomendi dolmen is one of the best-preserved prehistoric remains in Euskadi. The main festival is the one consecrated to San Román, which takes place on May's last weekend in the village of San Román de San Millán.


Even if the aforementioned fiesta is the most important, each village has its own patron Saint festival, thereby celebrating on July 2nd in Adana the Guipuzuri religious celebration in the hermitage of Santa Isabel.

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