General view of Izarra, Urkabustaiz


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Urkabustaiz is located in the historical territory of Alava. It is the most western municipality in the Cuadrilla de Zuia and is located between the Gorbeia Massif and Orduña Crags. The municipality is made up of 11 neighbourhoods but the main village is the area of Izarra. The village's historical heritage is one of the nicest in the Cuadrilla de Zuia.


The parish church of San Pedro de Beluntza is one of the main buildings, of Romanesque style and dating back to the 13th century and the right place to enjoy the Romanesque art. Spectacular waterfalls Likewise, Urkabustaiz offers many hiking routes and hosts some of the most beautiful and visited spots in the Cuadrilla de Zuia: the outstanding waterfalls of Goiuri-Ondona located on the headwaters of the River Jaundia/Altube and the Nervión waterfall, in the Gibijo range, where we can access from Izarra, Abezia and Unzá on foot while we enjoy a magnificent view of the municipality.


Beech and oak tree woods surround the municipality, which comprises Estuñagan/Alto del Corral Mountain, one of the most visited mountains in Urkabustaiz. Finally, we will visit Ortuño Park, recreational area located in a magnificent natural spot. To sum up, Izarra, the main neighbourhood of Urkabustaiz, will hold its patron Saint festivities from September 30th to October 3rd, consecrated to Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

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