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Just 10 km from San Sebastián and at the foot of the mountain of Santa Bárbara, Hernani has views of a large area of the plains of La Vega del Urumea.

The river Urumea runs through the town from north to south, fed by all the watercourses in the area. Ten neighbourhoods constitute the town that is surrounded by many mountains such as Akora, Urdaburu, Oindi and Azketa. There we will find numerous farmhouses, hermitages, churches and megalithic remains such as dolmens, tumulus, and cromlechs, named cultural assets.

Old part of the town, official complex of monuments

The town's industrial development which nowadays characterises Hernani took place in the 20th century. Despite that, it keeps many elements of historical interest. The old part of Hernani, standing on top of a hill over the River Urumea, and rated official complex of monuments, used to be fortified long ago, therefore its shape is sharp and oval. But nowadays it preserves some treasures worth visiting, such as the parish church of San Bautista dating back to the 16th century, the Town Hall, and "Gudarien Enparantza," the former Main Square, among others. In addition to this, Hernani is an important enclave within the Road to Santiago. The Fagollaga Bridge and the edible jug of Santa Cruz are some of the most significant monuments to find on the road. It is also worth visiting the hermitage of Santa Barbara, which offers a gorgeous scenery of the Urumea and Oria Valleys.

Chillida-Leku Museum

Located in the surroundings of the Zabalaga farmhouse, in Jauregi neighbourhood, the Chillida-Leku Museum holds amazing sculptures of great sculptor Eduardo Chillida. The museum is divided into three areas: A 12-hectare hillside with over 40 sculptures. A service area featuring an auditorium, a rest area, and a gift shop. And finally, the centrepiece of the museum is the Zabalaga Farmhouse, which houses the smaller format pieces made with different materials.

Finally, Hernani celebrates its patron Saint festival honouring San Juan Bautista on June 23rd-27th. There are many interesting scheduled events during those days such as the "Azeridantza," which is a deeply rooted local game. This municipality is also known for its traditional cider making, which attracts numerous visitors.

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