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  • Town Hall of Fruiz
  • Church of San Salvador, Fruiz


Fruiz is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the Uribe-Kosta region. Located between Gernika-Lumo and Mungia, Fruiz is a very quiet village. In its urban area, the church of San Salvador stands out. It is a beautiful building of Romanesque origin with pieces such as the tower built in the 16th century added at a later date. Nearby we'll find the hermitage of Jesús Crucificado, with a porch held by four columns.


The hermitage is nowadays used as the cemetery's chapel. Moreover, the beautiful Sallebante hermitage, is placed in the upper Andeko neighbourhood, and hosts an image of San Lorenzo and another of San Miguel, both of them very similar from the archaeological point of view, also worth visiting. The patron Saint festival, consecrated to San Salvador, takes place in August's first week.


Those days Fruiz is quiet no more and shows its most festive character. Those days an agricultural fair takes place in collaboration with the farmers of the vicinity. It includes ox and heifers exhibition apart from native products' selling and tasting.

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