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Galdames is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the Encartaciones region.


Galdames and its mountainous surroundings are linked, from the very beginning, with the extraction and treatment of iron. That activity has changed the village's relief, creating a suggestive landscape.


The areas' main archaeological element is the Arenaza cave and its paintings. Thus, Arenaza is the fourth cave with paintings in Bizkaia. Likewise, in Galdames we will find Eskatxabel and other five dolmens situated between Pico Mayor and on the way to Eretza.


Rolls Royce Museum Another interesting feature is the Rolls Royce Museum, in the beautiful Loizaga Tower, an outstanding medieval fortress. This collection of Rolls Royce cars is the biggest in the world.


After the cultural trip we can relax and enjoy Galdames's natural landscape: Atxuriaga Park and the Presa de Aguas Juntas recreational area.


In addition, Galdames holds many festivals throughout the year but, possibly, the main one is the Ogi Eguna or Bread Fair, taking place on December 24th.

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