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This small town of Gipuzkoa is located on the slope of Mount Ernio (1,075m) in Tolosaldea region. It is situated at the beginning of Oria Valley, between Tolosa and Anoeta. The church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción is the first building that attracts our attention when we get to Hernialde.


It is a one-nave building that has a Baroque facade from the 16th century and a belfry in the square tower, built by Domingo de Zaratain. Close to the church, the presence of the magnificent Town Hall is clear. It presents an elegant facade built with carved ashlars, a mechanical clock and a porch of four arches at the main entrance. Besides, we should mention the remains of Erdiko Errota hydraulic mill and the numerous farmhouses that are spread across the landscape. The town offers the chance to make different routes such as the one which joins Hernialde with Aizkoate, where a prehistoric polished axe was found, sign of human live presence in prehistory.


If we decide to visit Hernialde in mid-August, we will become acquainted of the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción's festival on the 15th, the town's most important festivity that is flooded with music and joyful atmosphere.

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