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Ibarra is a municipality belonging to the comarca (county) of Tolosaldea in Gipuzkoa province that has become a gastronomic landmark thanks to its renowned chilli peppers. Originally a small hamlet, it became a village with the construction of the church and the building of new neighbourhoods like Izaskun. Nevertheless, Ibarra was part of Tolosa until the 19th century, until it officially became a separate town in 1802.


On the one hand, the historic heritage is outstanding for its farmhouses, such as the palace-style Azkue, built in the 17th century. Etxezarreta and Txontxo keep characteristic elements from the 17th century. Likewise, the town still preserves the former Azkue Foundry and limekilns.


Historic heritage and magnificent views

The parish church of San Bartolomé, in the urban area of Ibarra, was built in the 16th century with its Baroque-style tower. Following with elements of religious heritage, we will visit the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Izaskun, with a unique nave. Besides, located near a beautiful grove, it is a perfect setting for walks in nature and thus, enjoy the spectacular views of Gipuzkoa. Apart from the culture and historic heritage which characterises the town, visitors who pay a visit to Ibarra in the second fortnight of August will have a great time at San Bartolomé's festival.


Finally, Ibarra is well known for its yellow-greenish chillies, an exquisite delicacy with the Eusko Label quality brand. Visitors will have the chance to taste them at the Pepper's Basque Fair in August.

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