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In the county of Las Encartaciones, surrounded by hills, the waters of the river Herrerías flow through the village of Gordexola. The river takes its name from the number of mills and ironworks (herrería is Spanish for ironworks) that formerly lined its banks.


In fact, Gordexola was closely linked to the history of iron, with its old ironworks that remained in operation until the middle of the 20th century. Today one can still see remains of a reservoir and water channels like Artekona, Azkarai, Ugalde and Sologuren.


Wide architectural heritage

Land of palaces, villas and country houses, Gordexola is home to a wide architectural heritage. The town has numerous tower houses, made of solid and austere stone, with a defensive function in the past. Oxirando and Ibargüen Towers are some of the best kept buildings.


Walking through the streets we will see these nice palaces, villas and country houses. All of them were built by "indianos", Basques migrated to America to make money. Villa Cuba and Villa Bilbao are two good examples. On the other hand, Gordexola offers a beautiful religious architecture, as can be seen in the village's churches and hermitages. The church of San Juan in Molinar neighbourhood and the church of San Nicolás de Bari, in Zaldu are some of the best examples.


Finally, we'd like to mention the fair of San Andrés, held at the end of November. It is one of the best livestock fairs in the area and has many visitors each year since its first edition in 1709.

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