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Rich in historic heritage, Güeñes is a municipality that forms part of the comarca (county) of Las Encartaciones. In a narrow valley washed by the river Cadagua and overlooked by well-known mountains like Ubieta (1,115 m), Ganekogorta (998 m), Gallarraga (902 m) and Eretza (880 m), lies the irregular terrain of which this locality is made up. Güeñes has an important historical heritage. The village's main building is the magnificent church of Santa María de Güeñes. Its main facade is very beautiful and exuberant and combines Gothic and Renaissance elements. It was built in the 16th century.


Villas, palaces and tower-houses

Regarding civil architecture, Güeñes has attractive buildings such as Chalet Urrutia, a magnificent villa built by a man from Galdames who went to Mexico to make money. The four-storey building is surrounded by a garden and has some French style elements. Nowadays it is used as the Town Council headquarters. Amezaga Palace, of Renaissance style, is also worth visiting as well as the medieval tower-houses that witnessed wars in the region. De la Quadra Tower survives as one of the best. Of square ground plan, its walls are 20m high and are built in masonry. It has an exterior rampant. All that, together with beautiful natural spots, such as Arenaza Park, enable the visitor to go on a relaxing visit through a nice landscape that make of Güeñes a beautiful village worth visiting.


Güeñes's patron Saint festival takes place at the end of July, consecrated to San Ignacio. There, both children and adults enjoy the atmosphere. Farm and craft fairs are held on San José's Day.

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